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Item# : EA763FB-2B

Description : Circulator (Silent Type)

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Adaptation Floor Space (Standard ) 14Tatami Mat Or Less
Size 290(W)×190(D)×310(H)mm(Power Supply Cord Not included )
Weight About 2.0kg
Power Supply AC100V(50/60HzSharing )
Power Consumption 【With Swing Fixed】
【Left and right. With Swing】
Wind Power Adjustment 3The stage (1・2・3)
Adjusting Angle 6The stage (-20 To 90 Degree:6The stage )
Code Length(M) About 1.4m
Material Polypropylene 、HIPS、ABS、Fe
Color Black
Equipped With A Swing Function Where It Automatically Swings Its Head From Left To Right.
Silent Function Powered By
A Circulator Product Which Sends Out Airflow More Powerful Than General Fan Products.
Circulates Room Air With Direct Powerful Blow, Increasing Cooling Efficiency In The Summer And Heating Efficiency In The Winter, Making It Useful All Year Round.
You Will Need Not To Set The Temperature High Which Therefore Reduces Energy Consumption And Enable Energy Saving.
A Quiet Circulator Equipped With A Quiet Mod, Emitting Sound Of 35 Db Or Lower.
The Wind Power Can Be Adjusted To 3 Different Stages, And The Angle On The Vertical Direction Can Be Adjusted Between 90 Degrees Upwards And 20 Degrees Downwards.
Its Safety Design Will Make It Difficult For Fingers To Reach The Fans In Order To Prevent Accidents Or Injuries.
Allows You To Save Electricity Costs By Increasing Cooling/heating Efficiency And Is Usable Not Only For Circulating Room Air But Also For Drying Laundry, Ventilating Room Air, And Sending Air To Adjacent Room.
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