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Item# : EA897CW-37A

Description : Compact Ceramic Heater (With Human Detective Sensor )


Size 176(W)×145(D)×280(H)mm
Weight About 1.8kg
Power consumption 50Hz:760W
Cord length About 2m
Two switching of warm breeze (Strong /Weak )
Human feeling sensor Sensing range :Top and bottom 60℃ Left and right. 90℃
Sensing the distance :About 2m
Safety devices Electric current fuse Temperature fuse Fall off switch Thermostat
Ceramic fan heater whicch detects person's move and turn on / off outmatically.
Self-operating by detecting person's ove effective to save energy.
Electricity type heater possible to heat up instantly right after turning on
Compact size and needs less space suitable for using in a narrow space such as washroom sink and kitchen.
Switching between automatic operation with a human sensor (motion detector) and continuous operation is possible.
Continuous driving mode stops in 3 hours for safety.
With child lock function and turning oFF when falling function for child safe.
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