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Item# : EA983DB-134

Description : Indication Tape (Magnet / reel)

This product is no longer available. Please refer to replacement item below.


Compact type of 2.7m
Tape Size 50mm×0.2mm×2.7m
Holder Size 57×48×87(H)mm
Material Case 、Holder :ABSResin 、
Bracket :Iron 、
Sheet :Polyvinyl chloride
Equipped With Neodymium Magnet And Easy To Be Attached To Iron Parts
The Sheet Will Be Automatically Stored In A Speedy Manner.
Can Be Attached To Cones As Well By Using Separately Sold Cone Attachment (ea983db-120).
Display Item Yellow/Black +No Trespassing other than the authorized people
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EA983DB-134 Indication Tape (Magnet / reel)
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